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SEO Tracking Case Study: How a Busy Agency Saves Precious Time with Monitor Backlinks

Time is money.

When it comes to running a successful SEO company, that couldn’t be more true.

Sean Dudayev, Founder of Frootful Marketing, knows better than many the challenges of freeing up time while running a busy agency.

Streamlining daily tasks like SEO tracking seems impossible when you have to juggle multiple tools and pull data from here and there, just to get the full picture.

Fed up with switching between different tools and inconsistent data that didn’t tell him anything useful, Sean sought a way to track his SEO results without wasting time.

Time that could be better spent on clients, strategy and scaling his business.

Find out how Monitor Backlinks solved all these problems for Sean, and more!

SEO Tracking Case Study: How a Busy Agency Saves Precious Time with Monitor Backlinks


Sean’s first company was a digital life insurance agency, which was where he started doing SEO. Generating leads in-house soon led him to online marketing, and he was particularly drawn to SEO because it had the best ROI.

In 2016, he sold his company to focus on SEO consulting.


“After I sold my first company, I decided to take everything I’d learned in building a business and focus on helping other start-ups scale their sales and marketing efforts.

I was able to help many companies grow successfully, which made me realize I wanted to scale that process even more and broaden my impact. So, I officially started Frootful Marketing earlier this year.”


Now, with his digital agency Frootful Marketing, Sean helps start-ups with their SEO, PPC and social media.



The Challenges

Sean was looking for a way to accurately track, measure and improve his SEO efforts for himself and his clients.

When he was doing the SEO and marketing for his first company, negative SEO was a particularly common threat to business owners. It worked especially well at the time, and Sean needed a reliable way to protect his website.


“I was looking for a way to find out if we had any bad backlinks coming to our site that could negatively impact our SEO, and to track all the new backlinks we were getting.”


He was using a number of different tools to stay on top of his SEO and backlinks, including Ahrefs, Serpfox and SEMrush.

But it was a pain having to switch between different tools to get all the information he needed, and he found that the tools weren’t very easy to use.


“Most of the tools I’ve used for digital marketing have a lot of noise on their dashboards and aren’t very intuitive.”


When it came to Frootful Marketing, Sean needed a way to know for sure what was working for his clients and what wasn’t. He needed to be able to see a clear correlation between the SEO strategy he was implementing, and the results his clients were getting.


“My motto is ‘If you can measure it, you can improve it.’ I need to be able to easily see where any weaknesses are so that I can focus on improving them.”


Sean knew that better SEO tracking meant better results for his clients, and ultimately, a thriving agency.

At the same time, he knew the goal wasn’t to pile more work onto his already-full plate.

The right solution would have to also streamline his SEO tracking, freeing him up to scale his agency.

The Solution

The solution turned out to be Monitor Backlinks.

He tried it out when he was building his first company, having heard about the alerts system for bad backlinks and thinking it would be a good way to protect his site from negative SEO.

Once he tried it, he realized it had incredible potential.


“What I discovered, however, was that Monitor Backlinks did that and so much more. On top of tracking backlinks, it also tracked keywords, traffic and competitors—all in one dashboard.”


Sean now uses Monitor Backlinks as his primary SEO tool, tracking the campaigns of multiple clients as well as his own websites.

Here’s how Monitor Backlinks has helped Sean deliver better SEO results and scale up his company:

Having SEO data in one place

The dashboard provides a clear, easy-to-understand overview of your SEO performance.


For Sean, it’s been a huge time-saver being able to log in to one centralized dashboard to get all the information he needs about backlinks, traffic, competitors and keyword rankings.


“When I started using Monitor Backlinks, I got rid of a lot of the other tools I was using because it had everything I needed in one place.

It’s an all-in-one SEO tool that allows me to not have the need to jump from one software to another, and it’s eliminated the need for multiple SEO tools.

It makes it easy to check in on how I’m doing with my SEO efforts, and the timeline in which Google responds to those efforts.”


Monitor Backlinks has become a part of Sean’s daily routine. It’s now the first thing he checks every morning when he comes in to work.


“I look for any new links that have been built, which I can see right from the dashboard:




Then I’ll check any keyword position tracking and how it’s influencing traffic.




Every time I publish a new piece of content, I immediately add the target keyword/s into the software so that I can then track how that particular piece of content is doing in the SERPs.”




Seeing clear correlation between SEO tasks and results

Having all the essential information in one place has made it possible for Sean to see how all his SEO efforts are paying off together.


“You can clearly see the correlation between links built, keyword rankings and traffic changes, which gives you a unique perspective into what works and what doesn’t.

As an example, if I’m seeing my keywords increase in ranking but no change in my traffic, then I know I’m targeting the wrong keywords. If I’m seeing new backlinks but no change in keyword rankings, then it’s time for some higher quality links.”


The tool brings Sean reassurance that he’s on the right track with his SEO strategies, as well as lets him know when things aren’t working. It keeps him in the loop of what’s going on with his websites, and helps him catch red flags faster.


“I very much use Monitor Backlinks to test SEO theories and monitor their validity.”

Building SEO skills

Sean has improved his own SEO skills just by using Monitor Backlinks regularly.


“Monitor Backlinks was a big reason my SEO skills improved over the years. The tool provides feedback in a cohesive manner about how every aspect of my SEO strategy is going, which gives me small insights into where I need to focus more.”


When it comes to SEO, the learning and adapting never stops. Sean loves that Monitor Backlinks is a place to learn, research and do work—it provides a constant feedback loop that makes it easy to see any weaknesses, and improve them.

To take full advantage of this benefit, Sean has a few recommendations for other users:


“Check the tool daily and keep in mind the content you’ve been working on.

Immediately after creating content or optimizing pages, make sure you go track that keyword in Monitor Backlinks and get that data as soon as possible. This will let you know when you’re on the mark and improve your ranking timeline estimation skills.”

Improving client relationships

Using Monitor Backlinks has been a win-win situation for Sean and his clients.

As well as improving overall SEO results, it’s also improved the way he communicates with his clients and keeps them informed about the work he’s doing for them.


“It allows an easy way for me to share data with my clients. There’s no need for manual reporting because it’s all right there in Monitor Backlinks.

If a client wants to see how their traffic or rankings have improved as a result of working with us, then it’s all there in one dashboard for them in an easy-to-read fashion.”


This has improved transparency and made it easier for clients to understand the value of working with his company.

The Outcome

Monitor Backlinks is now integral to Sean’s SEO work with Frootful Marketing as well as for his own websites, and he uses the tool actively on a daily basis.


“This is my favorite software in any vertical! Every single client that I’ve helped with their SEO efforts has benefited from Monitor Backlinks.

It’s the first thing I check every morning and it provides my daily marketing high.

It brings me a sense of relief and reassurance that we’re helping our clients achieve their goals, each and every time.”


If you liked the sound of Sean’s case study and want to try out for yourself everything that Monitor Backlinks has to offer, pick up your free, 30-day trial to get started right away!

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