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White Label Link Building: 5 Steps Every Reseller Needs to Take Before Outsourcing

Finding a good white label link building agency is the holy grail for resellers. 



Your clients need quality backlinks.

And you need a trustworthy link building partner who can get those backlinks.

As a reseller, you also need to know that their work will be up to your standards—and that it’ll be something you can proudly use your own branding on.

But with SEO snake oil salesmen around every corner, how do you find the right white label link building agency to help you build your clients’ links?

Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Why Should I Hire Another Agency to Build My Clients’ Links?

But first, if you’re questioning why you should bother with white label link building in the first place, here’s your answer:

It saves time

Do you find that sending link building outreach emails takes up a huge chunk of your time when building links in-house?

White label takes that away from you as your outsourced agency will do all the hard work.

You can use your own branding and manage the relationship with your client, while leaving the manual outreach to your link building partner.

Which means more time for you!

As Natalie Hornyak, SEO Specialist at The Content Factory, explains:+

“…Sending out dozens of emails, each tailored and personalized to individual reporters and influencers, takes a lot of time—and if there’s one thing I know from my experience working with several agencies, time is a rare commodity when you’re creating multi-channel campaigns for multiple clients.”

It can have high profit margins

Because many link building agencies charge set prices per number of links built, it can have very high profit margins.

For example:

A reseller might hire a white label link building agency to build 10 links at $40 each, and then charge their client $1,000 for the lot.

That’s exactly why the entire white label strategy is so lucrative.

Plus, when you’re using this strategy, you don’t have to account for your team’s time. The only time you’ll need to dedicate to a white label link building campaign is the time to find the right agency, share your requirements, and report back to your client.

It’s really that simple.

You can take advantage of someone else’s connections

If you’re an SEO newbie, attempting to make industry friends can be tough—especially when so many people are already best buds.

But, white label link building allows you to take advantage of other people’s knowledge and connections.

Think about it:

If you’re not a well-respected name in the SEO industry, the agency you’re outsourcing to (who will be handling all of the outreach emails) might already have friends who can land links for you.

Relationships take time to build.

If you don’t have that time to invest, invest your cash into a white label link building agency.

White Label Link Building: 5 Steps Every Reseller Needs to Take Before Outsourcing

Since your clients will generally assume that you’re the one building the links, it’s important to know that the agency you’re working with is trustworthy.

Their entire process and the quality of their results will affect your own reputation.

You don’t want to find yourself locked into a contract with a cowboy link building agency that leaves you stuck in the mud with your clients.



Here’s how you can find the perfect agency to outsource your link building to:

1. Search Google for Companies Who Offer It as a Service

Sounds obvious, I know—but hear me out.

To find an agency to help you with building your clients’ links, start by heading to Google.

You’ll want to search for something like “white label link building agency” or “white label link building services”—with a location at the end if you’re only looking for a provider in your country or city.

Now, the reason why we’re starting our search with Google is this:

The websites (or rather, agencies) who are ranking on page one for these keywords obviously know how SEO works.

They’ve used best practices to make their website strong, giving you a good indication they know what it takes to build high-quality links.

That’s gotta count for something.

Look through the results, visit their websites, and make a shortlist of 5-10 link building agencies that make a good first impression on you.

2. Find Out Their Link Building Process

For each agency on your list, shoot them an email to ask for their process on how they build links.

Don’t skip this step.

The quality of their work will directly impact your reputation—and it definitely won’t end well if you’re paying them to build dodgy links for your clients.

A trustworthy agency will be honest and transparent with you about how they build backlinks. If they don’t, or aren’t willing to give you the details, strike them off your list and move on to the next one.

For those that are open about their process, do a little more digging and double-check that what they’re doing is strictly white hat.

You should avoid white label link building agencies that:

Each of these tactics are spammy and not rewarded by Google.

If you’re paying someone to use them for your clients, you could be sabotaging the other SEO tactics you’re using—and could even land a Google penalty that’s hard to shift.

Because the client paid you for the links, you’ll be to blame for the white label agency’s bad practice.

Stan Tan, Digital Marketing Specialist at Selby’s, told me a fantastic (and underused) tip on how to pick up on white label link building agencies that you should steer clear of:

“The most common white label link building service sold by agencies is guest posts. There are thousands of agencies offering this service. The tricky part is actually identifying agencies who offer genuine guest posts vs public blog networks.

One way I do it and found to be extremely effective is by asking them this one question: ‘Can you send me your list of guest post websites?’

If they send you a list of guest post websites, they fail the test.

A genuine guest posting service will not have a list. Everything is done organically by finding relevant websites to guest post on instead of having a fixed list.”

3. Search for Previous Customer Testimonials

Another awesome way to know whether you should trust the agency you’re considering is to ask their previous customers for testimonials.

…And by that, I don’t mean just checking out the reviews they have plastered on their website.

I mean personally contacting clients on their “Who We’ve Worked With” page to really dig up some dirt on whether they’re worth risking your own reputation for.

(Get your shovel out—we’re digging.)



To do this, find one of these pages on the prospective agency’s website:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Reviews

Here’s an example of how Single Grain give their potential client trust through a case study.

Can’t find any words from previous clients?

Move on. Any good agency would be proud to show off reviews from happy customers.

Then, for each client you find, search for the Marketing Manager on LinkedIn and send them this message:

“Hey! I found you through a review on [agency name]’s website, and I’d love to chat with you about how you found working with them.

We’re thinking of using them here at [your company name], but as I’m sure you’ll understand, I want to make sure they’re worth investing our resources into. Thanks!”

As soon as they reply (and if they’re happy to answer your questions), ask:

  • What was it like working with the agency?
  • How well did they respond to deadlines?
  • Were they successful at building links that fit your clients’ criteria?
  • Are you able to show me an example of a link they’ve built?

That way, you’ll get a bigger picture of how they manage their clients—and the service you could expect to receive once you hand over your cash to them.

4. Check the Links They’ve Built Before

Remember how earlier, I spoke about how you can get a rough understanding of your potential agency’s SEO knowledge by where they rank on Google?

Let’s take that a step further and look at the actual links they’ve been building.

To do this, I recommend signing in to your Monitor Backlinks dashboard and adding them as a competitor. This will give you a behind-the-scenes look at their backlinks and keyword rankings.

(Don’t have a Monitor Backlinks account yet? Get a 30-day free trial here to access all these premium features, risk-free!)

Head to the Competitor Links tab to add the agency as a competitor.




You’ll then be able to pull up their full backlink report.




If you spot tons of high-quality links from reputable SEO blogs, that’s a good indicator for a trustworthy agency.

But, if their backlink profile is filled with lots of random links from low-quality sites, avoid them like the plague.

They clearly don’t understand that relevance and quality are two of the most important factors in any link building strategy.

You can also follow this process to check the backlink profile of the customers you spoke with to find out whether the agency actually did build a ton of great links for them!

5. Monitor the Links They Build

By this point, you should have a neat list of superb agencies you can trust to build incredible links for your clients.

But once you’ve made your choice and hired the best white label link building agency you can find, that doesn’t mean your job is done.

You still need to keep track of the links they’re building so you know exactly what they’re doing for your clients.

With Monitor Backlinks’ automatic backlink tracking, you can watch as new backlinks are built to your clients’ sites, and keep an eye on their quality and relevance.

Just head to the Your Links tab to see all the links pointing back to your domain, ordered by most recent.




Or, just keep an eye on your inbox for regular updates about every new link you’ve received.

It’s as easy as that!


Ultimately, the white label link building agency you choose should represent your brand with high-quality, relevant links that bring value to your clients.

To make sure you have a great experience with your outsourced link building provider, remember to always clearly communicate your requirements, sign a contract with your prices, and thoroughly vet the links they’re building on an ongoing basis.

It’s your neck on the line, after all!


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