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Review: The 9 Biggest Reasons Why I Use Elegant Themes

When New York City holds high fashion events on their runways, everyone stops and takes notice.

Likewise, when Elegant Themes announces a new theme, WordPress users stop and take notice.

If it’s made by Elegant Themes, you can bet it’s a show stopper.

Looking for a WordPress theme that makes a statement? Elegant Themes is a game changer. Their themes and templates all have the sleek look and feel of professional, high-tech websites.

And the true beauty of Elegant Themes is that you don’t need to be a coder or an experienced web designer to get that look.

Review: The 9 Biggest Reasons Why I Use Elegant Themes


1. Access to Whole Theme Library

New bloggers often ask, “why bother paying for a WordPress theme when there are so many free options out there?”

The quick answer is “you get what you pay for.”

But it goes a little bit deeper than that. Yes, you’ll have to spring a little cash for the themes on the Elegant Themes site.

The good news is that you’ll only have to pay one membership fee, and you’ll then have access to their entire library of 87 WordPress themes for the whole year—or forever. It depends on what you pay.

You can pay $89 per year to keep having access to everything in the theme shop on a yearly basis, or you can pay $249 once for unlimited lifetime access 

This is a big positive if you’re going to need a bunch of different themes for a variety of websites. In the end, it can be a massive money saver, depending on how many themes you’re going to need. Imagine you need 10 themes for 10 sites: Then you’ve only spent about $25 per theme, and you’ve gotten some incredibly high-quality themes to boot.

If you need just one theme for one site, well, then you might not like the pricing options—and when all’s said and done, you’ll end up paying at least $249 for that single theme. On the bright side, you’ll get lifetime support, lifetime updates and permanent access to the library of themes and plugins in the store. Maybe you’ll want those things someday!

2. Ease of Use

Elegant Themes are simple to download and customize. Gone are the days of manually coding your site. If you can click and drag, you can build an amazing site.

The qualities of free themes are generally pretty blah and the backend of these can be challenging to work with for customization. Free themes are limiting and it’s hard to get them how you want them to look unless you’re an experienced developer.

Of course, most theme shops let you go the simpler route nowadays—no coding knowledge required—but Elegant Themes goes one step farther and offers tools, tutorials and plugins to help you create the site of your dreams.

3. Plugins

I’ll shine the spotlight on one plugin—my fave!—to give you an example of how useful these are.

In the end, the true value of any site is the attention it draws and the user experience it delivers. It needs to capture the reader’s attention, quickly draw them in and engage them to take action.

Thanks to the Elegant Themes Bloom plugin, it’s easy to install take action buttons like, “Add Your Email to our Newsletter List,” “Buy Now!” or “Learn More.”

There’s also the Divi Builder plugin and the Monarch Social Media Sharing plugin. Nobody ever said they have a lot of plugins, but these three are definitely strong enough to be appealing on their own.

4. Something for Everyone: Blogger, Business or E-commerce

Whatever your reason to build a site, Elegant Theme has the perfect design for your needs. With 87 themes—and counting!—to choose from, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Knowing your audience is key when choosing your web design. Too high tech or too plain is going to narrow your targeted audience.

For example, the Elegant Themes offering Divi offers the most versatile templates for all occasions.


It offers endless options to build a variety of sites from blogging to e-commerce. I feel it’s the real “showpiece” of the Elegant Themes—it’s probably their best-known theme, at the moment—and it can connect to all kinds of readers, regardless of their levels of computer expertise and ability to navigate webpages to find what they need.

Extra is a chill theme to showcase blog posts and frequent written updates.


The eStore theme puts e-commerce products right at the forefront and deftly incorporates e-commerce plugins, PayPal-connected shopping carts and more.


Nimble gives you one big, powerfully simple page to direct the reader’s attention to a specific place of your choosing.


Explorable is all about maps, maps and more maps. It’s ideal for anyone focused on sharing travel stories, travel plans or must-visit destinations.


And Origin is a stunning dream-come-true theme for anyone who wants their photos to shine.


5. Theme Quality

Captain Obvious here: You don’t need to be a New York City magazine editor to be fashionable, and you don’t have to be an internet-obsessed, tech-savvy WordPress master to have a stunning website.

All you need is an internet connection, Elegant Themes… and coffee. Gotta have coffee!

The point is: With the right tools, you can create a website that looks like it came from a top-notch, high-profile digital marketing agency.

6. Friendly to Mobile and Tablet

The beautiful designs in this shop not only look good on your desktop computer, they look incredible on smartphones and tablets.

This is the number one reason my customers request to switch to a new web design.

Their customers are all on their portable devices.

And it’s especially true for local businesses, companies with offices and people with brick-and-mortar establishments—customers are always using their phones to look up business hours, location, products/services and phone numbers.

They want to tap on maps to see locations instantly.

They want to tap on an address and have it send them to Google Maps (or another map app).

They want to tap on a phone number and have their device instantly make the phone call.

If mobile users aren’t able to navigate to this information quickly, they’ll go somewhere else. Which is definitely not what anybody running a business wants to hear.

With Elegant Themes, it has been a seamless process to rebuild my clients’ websites into beautiful and inspiring designs that my clients love, that attract and hold new customers, and that provide all of the instant information that people are looking for online.

I can’t stress enough how this makes the biggest difference over other website designs. You must ensure that your website can be viewed on all of the devices currently available today, without distorting your images, text, menus or anything else. Elegant Themes makes this happen with all of its themes, so you’ll know you’re covered—readers will be able to tap addresses, emails, phone numbers and “buy now” buttons to easily take action on your site.

This is a major way to stand out in the current mobile revolution the world is experiencing.

7. Trust

Elegant Themes has been in business for 10 years, gathering satisfied customers and garnering positive reviews all along the way. Now, they’ve got half a million active customers, and I’m not seeing much negativity from them.

That’s enough to earn my trust.

Beyond that, this shop hasn’t been stagnant. It has been experiencing constant growth and improvement, creating new, innovative designs, improved plugins and enhanced theme functionality. It’s always addressing the challenges of the times, looking at what online readers and customers are looking for and responding to.

Nick Roach, the Elegant Theme founder and CEO, created this company from his dorm room over 10 years ago—and he also created a worldwide community of passionate designers, web developers and tech-savvy support people. It was very forward-thinking at the time, and it keeps moving forward today.

In my book, Elegant Themes is undisputedly the top WordPress theme shop out there. And if you get a lifetime membership now, then you’ll be on board to receive all of their future updates, new themes and smart plugins as they come up.

Cool, right?

8. “How to” Central

Reaching out to support for online products and services can be frustrating. I know I’ve been there.

You don’t need to worry about that with Elegant Themes. You can email them, contact their tech support, live chat, read their blog and watch their videos to stay in the know.

They have over 400 videos to walk you through everything, step by step, on YouTube.

Elegant Themes has plenty of “how to” documentation right on the site. The support forum is in place on their site to answer any questions you might have, too.

Plus, you can sign up for their newsletter, which is packed full of news and tips on how to improve your site.

9. Stay in the Loop

As I alluded to above, I love the Elegant Themes features that allow me to stay in the loop. This is both in reference to theme shop updates (like new themes, plugins and updates that I’m automatically able to access as a member) and website management updates that come up as this professional world evolves.

I’m always trying to keep sites fresh and audiences engaged, so I’m always checking out their newsletters and reading their forums. You’ll get lots of ideas about how to make websites and themes even better!

Go On, Walk the Runway

In the end, if you’re an Elegant Themes member, you’ll be able to hold your head high.

The website you come up with will be your own creation, thanks to how customizable everything is in this theme shop.

You’ll get to create a style that’s all your own. Find what works for you and your audience and strut your stuff.

Keep up with what attracts your targeted audience.

Keep your ideas and website fresh.

And keep learning and growing your skills.

You can do this all with Elegant Themes, and I think you’ll be glad that you’ve become a member of this unique theme shop.


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