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MyThemeShop Review: An Online Shop That Delivers Premium Goods

Shopping for a WordPress theme or plugin can feel less than glamorous.

You can’t stop in at a charming, brick-and-mortar shop run by friendly locals.

Instead you scan website after website, each one offering just a handful products.

MyThemeShop breaks the mold, giving you the premium-quality products of a stylish boutique, with all the personal service of a mom-and-pop shop.

Given the market, this digital theme shop must have been a challenge to create. Did you know that WordPress powers over 18 million websites on the entire internet to date? That’s a lot of customers, and a lot of people out there shopping for themes and plugins.

This staggering popularity has given way to thousands of free and premium WordPress themes. And while having choices can never be a bad thing, it also makes the selection process rather daunting and overwhelming.

This is where MyThemeShop comes into play, providing a varied product selection across niche-specific categories to help you make a clear, informed decision.

The end result is a handy product line to help your online business stay ahead of the curve. But don’t take my word for it; let’s take a closer look at some of their main selections in this detailed MyThemeShop review.

The Impressive MyThemeShop Library

MyThemeShop carries over 100 WordPress themes geared toward casual and serious publishers alike. Everything is neatly categorized for easy searching and discoverability, thus ensuring you end up with the right setup for your website.


Their main “Blog” category, for example, showcases entries for the personal blogger with modest and more attainable aspirations. Potential themes may revolve around fashion, travel, photography or something with a minimalist design for those just starting out.

In contrast, their business-based themes are geared toward more ambitious publishers and small business owners who wish to expand their presence online.

The aptly-named JustFit theme, for instance, contains various WooCommerce functions built right in to assist in the sale of health products and fitness equipment. Their integrated video section would allow you to showcase anything from niche products to workout routines or professional bodybuilding footage for added motivation.


Other selections, such as the Writer theme, may encourage more creativity through a wider range of fonts, layout configurations and large header images to show off your work.


As a theme lover in general, I understand that choosing one theme over another is often a task in itself. MyThemeShop allows you to sort through the latest offerings as well as the most popular ones, which is especially convenient for newer bloggers who need an extra hand.

Reliable MyThemeShop Plugins and Add-ons

WordPress plugins can expand upon your chosen theme’s core features and take your blog to a whole new level. MyThemeShop provides a decent plugin selection for specific blog niches alongside general options for broader uses.

Take their WP Time to Read plugin, for instance. It’s no secret that content is king, but our ever-shrinking attention span means that bloggers must strategize to keep everyone engaged. As a result, this plugin gives readers the estimated time it would take to read an entire article from the get-go. This helps visitors decide whether to come back later or stick around to read now, thanks to the benefit of having a clear timeframe laid out.


Similarly, WP Tab Widget Pro helps keep users’ attention by displaying the latest and most popular content—including recent blog comments—within the sidebar. This potentially improves discoverability and raises engagement regardless of your niche and focus areas.


Other available items help enhance your existing site configuration, such as the WooCommerce Checkout Field Modifier which gives you the ability to customize your online store’s purchasing experience to a T.

Freebies Available on MyThemeShop

I was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly large amount of free plugins and themes available for download. Many of these actually contain robust options and features that make them feel like their premium counterpart.

I was instantly intrigued by the SociallyViral WordPress theme, considering I had previously purchased a similar theme with identical features (with a hefty price tag) not long ago. This one includes everything you might expect to help your posts go viral, including engaging social icons, clean and beautiful font, unlimited color schemes, built-in ad management support and much more.


Another great option, the Pinboard theme, may even help you launch the next Pinterest, as it was beautifully modeled after the popular visual medium.

As far as plugins go, I admit that Content Locker is by far my personal favorite of the bunch. This little gem effectively prevents readers from accessing your content until they perform a specified action—like pay up. Oh, but there’s more.

With the main features of Content Locker enabled, you can:

  • Ask visitors to share the content at hand in order to view it in its entirety.
  • Request that readers follow you on one of many prominent social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube.
  • Require that users sign in to your blog, which is useful as a means of showing content only with a specific group of people.
  • Ask users to sign up for your newsletter to proceed. Content Locker currently has built-in integration with MailChimp and MailerLite.
  • Built-in analytics and performance reports to know which strategies are delivering results.
  • Better yet, Content Locker Pro (its premium counterpart) supports GetResponse and AWeber integration to maximize your leads.

And that’s just one free plugin. Overall, their free product selection packs quite a punch for the unbeatable price of zero. Are you impressed yet?

Other MyThemeShop Features Worth Noting

Despite their distinct differences, every available theme comes with MyThemeShop’s set of core features to ensure greater efficiency and flexibility across the board. This naturally makes switching to a newer theme a friendlier and hassle-free experience.

The core features of MyThemeShop themes are:

  • Export/import options for backup and cloning purposes, which are ideal for keeping your website secure and replicating it across multiple domains.
  • Use of themes and plugins on unlimited websites.
  • One-button installations to hit the ground running with minimal configuration required.
  • Every theme is SEO-friendly and optimized for fast loading.
  • Responsive designs which mean users can browse your website from any device.

They also take their customer service and customer satisfaction levels seriously. The site’s policies ensure that you receive:

  • Extensive documentation and high-quality video tutorials.
  • 24/7 customer support for all available products.
  • A generous 30-day refund policy if the chosen product doesn’t work with your current setup.

While many of the above are normally offered by other competitors as well, I appreciate their unique approach to user-friendliness and overall efficiency. Reading a detailed documentation is one thing, but watching extensive video tutorials may prove more effective for visual learners and newer users in general.

Moreover, around-the-clock customer support means that you can breathe easy in the event of unexpected compatibility issues.

Pricing and Benefits

Most of MyThemeShop’s items are comparable to similar marketplaces out there, but what sets them apart is their regular discounts through special sales and promotional codes.

For example, purchasing any given product requires free account registration, which subsequently grants you $5 in-store credits (as of this writing). It’s also not uncommon for a brand new theme or plugin to be discounted by over 50% for a limited time.

If you’re looking for more than a free theme, you can choose between Single Product or Extended Membership options.

The extended membership pricing model is available for prominent developers and agencies, and it’s great if you’re interested in having more themes, including premium options. For example, an extended membership grants you access to their entire library along with brand new products as they become available.

This includes PSD files for custom development, as well as priority support 24 hours a day.


MyThemeShop Review: Verdict

This thorough review has been quite a positive experience for me. For starters, it’s allowed me to discover some truly useful plugins and themes available at no cost. Add a respectable range of premium products into the mix, and I can say with absolute certainty that you, too, might just feel the same way.

MyThemeShop’s strengths clearly lie in a diverse and colorful product line that ensures no publisher is left behind.

This, combined with a strong sense of community and top-notch customer service, could very well make them one of the most reliable marketplaces available to WordPress enthusiasts and online business owners.


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