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Themify Review: The Perfect Place to Build or Renovate Your Website

Building a new website from scratch?

Doing some digital remodeling?

On the hunt for the perfect WordPress theme?

You need to visit an online destination that’s reputable and reliable for these sorts of things.

Like many professional bloggers, I admit most of my own websites have relied on free WordPress themes to power all my publishing needs.

However, sometimes you need something a little more powerful.

My search for a premium layout began in 2014 in an effort to build a professional-looking yet friendly type of site.

I stumbled upon Themify, a website devoted to WordPress design, after conducting hours of painstaking research which lead me to realize that this brand has a product for just about any purpose.

There’s something here for everyone, from individual bloggers to content marketers managing larger-scale websites.

I’ll walk you through some of its best features, dig into a few caveats and then give you my final assessment of Themify.

The Best Features of Themify

Robust theme selection

From magazine-style to e-commerce to beautiful portfolios, the Themify team has evidently created designs to cover all types of bloggers and content marketers out there—with new creations rolled out regularly.

The themes they offer are highly customizable, allowing you to choose from different layouts, styles and items to include.

To put things into perspective, their Landing theme is ideal for the WordPress marketer who aims to maximize leads and conversions. With over 23 professional layouts and customization options for that theme alone, you can build a landing page emphasizing your most important assets such as:

  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Social media networks
  • Newly available products
  • Your newest written content

The list goes on and on, as the limits here are imposed solely by your own imagination.

Just take a look at this Landing theme screenshot, to see how this theme could look on your site:


Intuitive site builder

Speaking of implied flexibility, this is where their products really shine—and it’s something I simply couldn’t exclude from this Themify review.

Every available theme comes with a built-in customization tool known as the Themify Builder. It essentially compartmentalizes the parts of a webpage by turning it into a drag-and-drop interface, enabling you to add a wide range of features with ease.

This effectively helps bloggers break out of standard blog interfaces, where content is normally presented as a rigid, inflexible list.

Your homepage, for example, could contain a grid with the latest posts while showcasing a completely different style somewhere in-between.

If that’s sounding pretty appealing to you, here’s an overview of the Themify builder that you should check out:

Content placement goes far beyond traditional blog posts, however, as the Themify Builder supports a vast amount of attributes for all your blogging needs. Some of the more prominent modules include:

  • Video uploading and embedding. Care to start the next YouTube, anyone?
  • Images, galleries and portfolios. This is perfect for photographers and those focusing primarily on multimedia projects.
  • Post sliders to make your pages more vibrant and animated.
  • Call-to-action buttons to emphasize particular sections or offerings on your page.
  • Customizable testimonial modules to complement your call-to-action efforts.
  • Google Maps integration for business and location-oriented websites.

The above is only scratching the surface, with a list which is quite frankly too big to cover in detail.

Let’s look at a secondary overview of the Themify Builder, which shows additional features…

The Themify Builder is also available as a standalone plugin, which works smoothly on just about any third-party theme. Having tested it on multiple, external offerings, I found that every available feature looked rather native and fit in naturally.

Here’s a screenshot of the popular Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme customized using Themify Builder:


Releasing such a powerful plugin separately only makes good business sense for Themify, as it effectively competes with the likes of Visual Composer, The Divi Builder and countless others on the market.

Complementary plugins and add-ons

Themify is not only in the business of website layouts and virtual facelifts. They have a somewhat small but handy selection of plugins and add-ons to complement your current setup.

The former are available as standalone tools, while the latter require the aforementioned Themify Builder to expand their overall functionality.

One particularly useful add-on is Content Restriction, which limits any part of your content based on user roles. If your blog provides a series of tutorials, for instance, you could choose to display a limited amount and require registration for users to access the rest.

Now, imagine if your website’s terms of service dictated that such users are added to a mailing list. Can you see the endless possibilities here?

Here’s what the Content Restriction add-on looks like:


Their remaining plugins are fairly commonplace, such as a post-type builder and a front-end announcement bar similar to the popular Hello Bar.

Whether you opt for these options or third-party alternatives is up to you, but relying on a central developer might reduce potential plugin conflicts somewhere down the road.

Other Themify Goodies Worth Noting

No manual coding required

A standard WordPress theme may either require extensive programming skills, some level of technical know-how or they may simply hold you by the hand—almost in the literal sense.

I’m grateful that the last of these characteristics apply to all Themify themes and plugins. I have never had to dive into the source code and implement new hooks or perform any other type of complex modification—no matter how fancy I’d like my blog to look.

Flexible packages

While a single theme generally goes for $49, Themify gives you yearly access to their full arsenal for as low as $79 (as of this writing). This includes any new theme developed while your subscription is active.

If you operate multiple websites or work with various clients, a higher package offers all available plugins along with the themes’ PSD files. The value of this option, of course, largely depends on your particular needs as a professional blogger or content marketer.

Free bonuses

Not everything has a price tag, which is certainly a breath of fresh air, and this provides a clear competitive advantage. Every theme purchase comes with a free bonus of your choice, which is perfect for A/B testing before settling on one specific option.

While you could theoretically make your chosen theme look similarly to others on their catalog, many of these possess features that may simply be too tough to duplicate.

Mobile-ready design

This goes without saying, but their offerings are fully—and beautifully—compatible with any device ranging from smartphones to tablets.

Friendly support system

Finally, these guys have a robust community comprised of multiple forums, a vast knowledge base and a standard ticketing system.

During the very few times I’ve needed assistance, their response time was always acceptable and professionally handled—even when dealing with third-party plugins that were technically outside their scope of support.

A Few Caveats…

As you might have gathered from this Themify review, my passion for their products undoubtedly runs deep. That said, no review would be honest without acknowledging the shortcomings and imperfections.

You see, Themify is in the business of efficiency by being a jack of all trades—and they have almost succeeded at earning the title “Masters of All.” Almost…

For better or worse, these robust customizations can potentially make your blog a tad slower than other themes with lesser options.

The framework’s heavy reliance on JavaScript might prove too much for someone who doesn’t need many bells and whistles—which is something that applies to quite a few people out there.

My personal recommendation? Refrain from using too many modules on a single page unless absolutely necessary. It’s easy to implement extra features for the sake of fanciness, after all.

Modules screenshot:


Thankfully, though, these potential slowdowns are minimal even on a moderately trafficked website, so don’t let this deter you from trying them out. I wouldn’t be an ongoing, happily-paying customer otherwise.

Themify Review: A Final Word

We have come a long way since the early days of the internet, where the best-looking websites required extensive programming knowledge and experience. As an old soul, I feel there was something awe-inspiring about crafting a page without the help of fancy tools and techniques.

That said, I’m eternally grateful knowing that the worst thing I have to worry about merely involves publishing new content, all while Themify products handle the heavy lifting.


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