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17 WordPress E-commerce Themes That’ll Shine the Digital Limelight on Your Site

Ready to step into the limelight?

It’s time to get your site the attention it deserves.

This might sound unrealistic, since the global e-commerce market is huge. It’s so big, in fact, that we can’t even calculate an exact figure of just how big it is.

With somewhere between 12-24 million e-commerce sites around the world selling products online today, the market for online sales is easily one of the most competitive.

What this means for retailers and site owners, though, is that it’s now also harder than ever to be heard among the noise and reach the number of people you’d like to reach.

The largest e-commerce sites on the internet make up just 1% of the whole e-commerce population while generating 34% of the total revenue! In fact, of the millions of e-commerce stores currently operating, only about 650,000 of them are generating more than $1,000 USD annually. This means that, for the vast majority of online stores, they’re simply not making enough revenue to grow.

So no matter what you’re selling, it’s vital that you set yourself up in the best position possible to succeed in the e-commerce market. You need to make an impact, and the best way to do that is with a website that people actually like to use and will keep coming back to.

The 17 WordPress e-commerce themes below are a great place to start—they’ll give you an idea of how to put all the necessary elements together to create a site that stands out from the crowd and gives users what they want.

But first, what are these necessary elements that make up a good e-commerce theme?

What Every Good E-commerce Theme Needs

E-commerce websites, like all others, need to be built for the user—the people who are going to be searching, browsing and purchasing. If they can’t use your website, they’re not going to buy from you—it’s as simple as that.

So, it makes sense that a good e-commerce theme should make it as easy as possible for customers to follow the sales process and make a purchase, with features that improve and streamline their experience on your site.

In an age where mobile traffic has become just as prevalent—if not more so—than desktop traffic, mobile responsiveness and multi-device compatibility are absolutely essential. One third of all e-commerce purchases in the 2015 holiday season came from mobile devices alone, which just goes to show that if your website isn’t catering to mobile users on various devices, you’re missing out on—and ignoring—a huge majority of your potential customers.

It’s also important to have fast load times across your site. This has to do with the code—it should be clean and lightweight—and has a major impact on how long people will spend browsing your store. If a page loads too slowly, users are far more likely to abandon it and take their search elsewhere. People have shorter attention spans nowadays, and you need to make sure your site captures their attention as quickly as possible.

Intuitive, easily understood navigation is one of the most important elements of your store’s design. It’s the difference between a new user being able to find what they’re looking for without any hassle and not being able to find their way around, getting frustrated and leaving altogether. Your site should have a clear, logical path from landing page to checkout, provide all the crucial categories in the main navigation and have an easy-to-use search function in case a customer does get stuck.

Your product pages and main pages should all be supported with high-quality images and content to give users a clear, detailed idea of exactly what you’re offering. The images and content explain your products and allow you to highlight important features, and when combined with targeted calls-to-action, do a great job of showcasing and selling your items.

And finally, the e-commerce theme you choose should be compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins designed to improve the shopping experience. As one of the most popular and widely used platforms for e-commerce, WooCommerce offers hundreds of extensions to help you customize, extend and grow your online store.

So, without further ado, check out these 17 WordPress e-commerce themes that will make your job a whole lot easier!

17 WordPress E-commerce Themes That’ll Shine the Digital Limelight on Your Site

1. Shopkeeper


Shopkeeper is a flexible and well-designed WordPress theme built especially for e-commerce sites. It comes with 10 different homepage layouts for you to choose from, including a full-page slider if you want to put your best sellers on show, and dozens of other layouts for product pages, blogs, wishlists, product demos and more.

With a responsive and fluid design, Shopkeeper creates a great viewing experience for users on every device. It also features sticky header navigation, full WooCommerce compatibility and translation support with the WPML plugin so you can reach customers all around the world.

Get Shopkeeper on ThemeForest

2. North


An elegant and visually impressive theme, North focuses on providing a smooth and appealing customer experience with its clean, minimalist layouts and abundance of white space. It’s fully responsive and mobile-ready with endless customization options to make your store truly yours.

North is big on integration, coming with several built-in plugins that work to maximize WooCommerce including Product Filter, Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, PDF Invoice and Table Rate Shipping. It also works with the WPML plugin and includes a currency feature that integrates with WooCommerce for full multi-lingual support.

Get North on ThemeForest

3. Flatsome


Flatsome is built around the bundled WooCommerce plugin, making it e-commerce-ready right out of the box. It’s a well-rounded WordPress theme that comes with a built-in drag-and-drop page builder with enough design and customization options to suit even the most fastidious of designers.

It also gives you the chance to further extend your site’s functionality with optional plugins such as adding a user wish list or integrating a live search function. Flatsome is popular with designers and developers for its ease of use and incredible flexibility, and will let you create a beautiful online shop with minimal effort.

Get Flatsome on ThemeForest

4. Atelier


With a sleek, stylish and minimalist design, Atelier has a high-end look that can sell practically any type of product. It has clean, fast loading pages and a responsive design so customers have a smooth experience on your site, and it supports all the popular plugins including WooCommerce, Yoast, BuddyPress and Revolution Slider.

Customization is also a big focus with Atelier, providing heaps of layouts to choose from for product pages, demo pages, headers and even your shopping cart. It comes with a child theme and shortcodes too so you customize your store even further.

Get Atelier on ThemeForest 

5. Oxygen


Oxygen has streamlined, minimal functionality that requires very little adjusting—while still looking great. With full support for a number of plugins including Visual Composer, YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier and a selection of wishlists, it’s a theme that’s built for simplicity and easy use.

In terms of design, Oxygen focuses largely on its use of space. A simple black on white color scheme gives a widescreen feel that’s modern and neat, and fonts are small and delicate. It lets you customize your design too, with a number of layouts and header styles for you to work with.

Get Oxygen on ThemeForest

6. Velo


Velo shines by focusing on a very specific niche—online bicycle stores—and doing a very good job of it. Its online shop is where it really stands out, offering drop-down customization options on product pages, customer reviews, order tracking, customer account profiles and easy checkout.

But despite the fact that Velo is built particularly for bike stores, it still works wonderfully for any e-commerce business that wants to highlight a creative portfolio. Its polished, urban-retro design and endless customization possibilities make it a versatile theme to build your online store around, no matter what you sell.

Get Velo on ThemeForest

7. Aurum


A clean, bright theme that’s built for showcasing products, Aurum has a beautiful store design that’s ideal for displaying what you have to offer. It combines dynamic parallax effects with easy customization, allowing you to feature popular, top rated, new and sale products right on the homepage.

Aurum is a responsive and retina-ready theme, supporting a wide range of popular plugins and integrating with social media platforms so you can share your products with as many people as possible. The sticky menu also deserves a special mention for easy navigation on every device.

Get Aurum on ThemeForest

8. Uncode


A simple and streamlined WordPress e-commerce theme for any sort of industry, Uncode is well-developed on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap for the ultimate in reliability and intelligent code. It’s powerful and versatile, with the ability to manage any number of website archetypes right out of the box.

The theme features an advanced Visual Editor which lets you customize the look and feel of your online store right down to the last detail. It’s fully integrated with WooCommerce and a range of other helpful e-commerce features including a variety of template pages and commercially-friendly shortcodes.

Get Uncode on ThemeForest

9. Merchandiser



Merchandiser combines ample functionality with impressive design options, letting you build a website around your expert knowledge of your customers and products. It’s powered by WooCommerce and lets you display and sell merchandise and collect payments in a variety of ways.

Bundled with the Visual Composer plugin, Merchandiser offers endless options for layouts through an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder and comes with a completely customizable header, a selection of fonts and a mega menu that makes navigation a breeze.

Get Merchandiser on ThemeForest

10. TheGem


TheGem is all about showcasing your products with amazing photography, featuring an elegant rollover effect that reveals a second image when customers hover over the product thumbnail. Product pages are comprehensive and include counters to display products stats, an Add to Wishlist button and a section for reviews.

Get started with over 40 demos to choose from, and from there, TheGem is big on customization and offers a huge range of page styles for your product catalog, portfolios and image galleries. It’s also WPML enabled, comes pre-packaged with three languages and can be extended to many more.

Get TheGem on ThemeForest

11. Jevelin


With strong commercial capabilities and smooth integration with the WooCommerce plugin suite, Jevelin is a powerful theme that lets you build a unique online store without having to know how to code. It’s responsive and feature-rich, with the ability to handle your requirements with ease no matter what you’re selling.

Jevelin comes with heaps of demo websites and page templates to work with and options for further customization too. It also includes high-resolution demo image content that just needs to be modified with your own content and graphical customization and you’re ready to go!

Get Jevelin from ThemeForest

12. Divi

Already one of the most popular themes on the market, Divi is incredibly versatile and works well for just about any type of website. But when it’s bundled with the WooCommerce plugin suite, it becomes a powerful frontrunner for the best WordPress e-commerce theme currently available.

It features a native drag-and-drop page builder that’s both easy to use and astonishingly comprehensive, letting you customize your layouts to your heart’s content. And if you’re not one for playing around with an endless amount of options, Divi also comes with a range of pre-built layouts for an amazing site with the least amount of hassle.

Get Divi from Elegant Themes

13. XStore


XStore is built for site owners of every level of skill and experience, offering everything you need to create a competent, visually appealing online store without having to write any code. It’s responsive and adaptable so you can make changes easily and efficiently as your store grows.

Working with a range of popular plugins, as well as widgets and shortcode, XStore is designed with intelligent coding and a solid HTML5 and CSS3 foundation that keeps it running smoothly. This also ensures effortless transitions between pages as well as animations and video.

Get XStore on ThemeForest

14. Basel


Basel is another theme that comes built around WooCommerce, making it automatically optimized for e-commerce stores. It has 10 different layouts to choose from that would suit any store type and product niche—and all can be easily installed with just one click.

You can display product pages in a variety of ways, and the product descriptions allow you to get creative with full-width images, calls-to-action, hero sections and a lot of content. And while that may sound busy, you’d be surprised by how elegant and streamlined it looks thanks to its clever use of typography and white space.

Get Basel on ThemeForest

15. Nitro


Nitro is a modern and attractive theme with a selection of templates built for five of the most common e-commerce markets: fashion, jewelry, furniture, electronics and sport. Three new designs are released every month, and each is clean and simple to keep the focus on showing off the products.

Compatible with Visual Composer for design customization, Nitro has a range of built-in features that help to improve the user experience including live search, size charts, wishlists and out of stock alerts. It also allows for promo popups for an elegant and consistent way to display your marketing messages.

Get Nitro on ThemeForest

16. Walker


Stylish and bold, Walker is a theme for the store that wants to stand out. It’s design focus is on solid, chunky layouts and strong, block-like fonts on a monochrome color scheme—perfect for putting products on show. It also features parallax scrolling functionality and vivid animations to create an immersive user experience.

Walker comes with 15 different homepage layouts and 5 different header types for you to get started with, and you can even further customize your layout pages with the bundled Visual Composer plugin. It’s a flexible and versatile theme that will have you making quite an impact.

Get Walker from ThemeForest

17. StoreBox


StoreBox is an attractive and structured retail theme designed in particular for online clothing stores. It features a homepage made completely of widgets and a range of slider and display options for you to put products on show in a neat and visually appealing way.

Product pages allow customers to choose variations of items (such as size and color), and the theme comes fully integrated with multiple payment gateways. You’re also able to set up promotions, set shipping rates and catalog products—all convenient features and functionality that will help your website shine.

Get StoreBox from Templatic

Grow Your Online Store

There’s a lot to making a successful online store, but you can put yourself in the best position possible to get there by starting with the right WordPress e-commerce theme.

Yes, the digital space is loud and busy—but it’s not impossible to make your mark.

Any one of these listed above will give your site the features and functionality it needs to give your users what they’re looking for, and when you’ve incorporated your own branding and flair, it’ll become your opportunity to succeed.


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