About Negative SEO

The most common negative SEO attack is when a spammer points hundreds or thousands of spammy links to a competitor’s website in hopes to highjack their rankings in Google.

Negative SEO attacks are a threat for business owners that don’t keep track of their backlinks. Without knowing when their site gets new links, they are at risk of becoming the next Negative SEO victim. However, that’s not the case for those that are smart and use the Monitor Backlinks tool and keep their rankings in Google safe.

Automated, so site owners save time!

Monitor Backlinks is easy to use and was created to help site owners save time. All the necessary notifications are sent by email and inform the webmaster when they get new backlinks. If the links they received are inadequate, they can disavow them with a click of a button.

Reports with all the new backlinks

Monitor Backlinks checks when a site gets new backlinks or if any suspicious backlinks spam is ongoing and sends email reports that look like the one in the screenshot below. Each backlink also includes metrics so that webmasters can see at a glance if the links are good or bad for SEO.

E-mail reports with backlink changes

Warnings For Low-Quality Links

Monitor Backlinks automatically shows a warning sign for the links that have poor metrics. Any bad links created during a negative SEO attack can be disavowed just by clicking on “Disavow domain”. It takes a site owner less than 10 minutes to get rid of all the bad links a spammer created in days.

E-mail reports with backlink changes

SEO Metrics For Each Link

Those that use Monitor Backlinks can quickly understand the value of their backlinks, the tool shows more than 15 different SEO metrics for each backlink. These includes:

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